Q & A

What inspired you to write the Maverick Series? 

I have always loved to write and create. The Maverick Series is a way for me to tell certain tales of my experience in intelligence, educate readers somewhat on the intelligence community, as well as provide a short, fun fictional read that hopefully leaves readers wanting more. 

How much of The Maverick Experiment is accurate? 

The Maverick Experiment and its sequels are all fictional in nature.  While I try to educate readers on certain information about the intelligence community and how we operate, the Maverick Program, its characters and the missions they attempt are fictional in nature.   However, the descriptions of the internal culture at the CIA and Afghanistan are predominantly accurate. 

What do you say to those in military that challenge the authenticity of parts of this book?

Again, I would say that this is a fiction novel. Period.  The story is told in a fun, light hearted manner with the expressed goal in mind of entertaining readers.

Why is the book shorter than most in its genre? 

When I started writing the Maverick series I wanted to capitalize on several successful elements of other strong fictional series.  However, knowing what I look for in a read, I set off to keep each installment shorter than traditional spy books, which have historically been much longer and more technical in nature.  My hope is that fans and new readers alike will be able to pick up one of my books and have an enjoyable page turning experience, in which they learn a good deal about the intelligence field without having to memorize very specific terms and nomenclature for the equipment used in the story. 

Who are the characters in the book based off? 

While I utilize certain names, both cover names and true names, of those I love and have worked with over the years, the characters all are independent of their real live counterparts. 

Is Derek based off of you? How similar are his character and you in real life? 

There are several elements to Derek’s character that align with my personality traits and experience and several that don't.   If I wanted to write about myself, I would not have chosen the route of fiction.  

Will all the Maverick Series installments take place in Afghanistan or Pakistan? 

No. The Maverick Program was designed to handle problems on a global scale, not just one region.  That said, due to the importance of Afghanistan, Pakistan, really the entire region, sequels will revisit these countries and their issues from time to time.  I can tell you the second installment has a much more broad scope in terms of countries mentioned and/or visited.  Terrorism is a global issue and as such the Maverick Team will go anywhere there is a fight to be had. 

How many books do you plan on writing in the Maverick Series? 

While I have several sequels in mind, I have not decided upon or limited myself to a certain number.  As long as I enjoy writing the series and further developing its characters, and I feel that the Maverick Program is relevant, I will continue to write sequels.

Is it difficult to manage two lives as an intelligence officer and family man? 

Absolutely.  Nothing is more important to me than my family, yet I have a passion to protect our great nation.  Unfortunately, doing so requires making some personal and moral sacrifices, which can create the feeling of having two lives for sure.  Still, there is nothing more difficult than leaving my family behind when I leave on an assignment. 

What is the scariest situation you have ever been in? 

I cannot comment on real life operations.  There have been a few though...

What is the role of technology in intelligence collection today? 

Significant.  Good old fashioned human intelligence collection is still critical, but we would have a great deal of trouble without the technical support we receive.  I cannot go into what specific technology we use, but suffice to say it drives out collection a great deal and its much easier now for us to find anyone, anywhere.